Aired on KAMR NBC Channel 4 – Amarillo, TX – May 26, 2015

AMARILLO– To raise awareness for the 30 million Americans suffering from a rare disease, a man is running across America for the third time.

It’s day 88 of running and Noah Caughlan’s 10th state.

“I’m just running across America taking the message to whoever wants to listen, the legislatures, the law makers, the everyday person and just reminding everybody that there are one in ten Americans who have a rare disease,” said Caughlan.

He started Run For Rare to help raise awareness for those who are affected by a rare disease.

He started running for patients with Batten Disease for two girls from his hometown, but quickly realized he could do more.

“I want to do something really big to share their story and I ended up running for all the kids with Batten disease on the very first two runs across America and so many other people with rare diseases on those journeys and I knew if I was going to do a third run, it would be for all of them,” added Coughlan.

Along with spreading the word about helping those with rare illnesses, Caughlan is also thanking our troops.

“It was flown in Iraq during a combat mission in October of 2014 so that actual flag going from coast to coast is also to honor the people who have served,” said Coughlan.

Coughlan has forty days left on his trip, his next stop will be in Albuquerque, where he will be meeting Governor Susana Martinez.

If you are interested in tracking Caughlan’s progress or donating you can do so online, at