So busy. I have 2 miles left. I am behind on blog posts. But I made it

Thank you all for support.

I am fine. Healthy. And strong. And in Dublin.

Much inquiry as to my status. I technically have 9 miles and 2 days remaining. The world events have impacted all of us including myself.

Ireland is in full lockdown.

I had to check into the scheduled hotel early for the canceled film team. Just me out here.

I will be completing about 7 miles shortly, then 2 tomorrow for the official finish of Run for Rare – Ireland.

I’m still charging on with the Ireland Flag and will finish at Dublin Bay.

Still listening to live music. The band is still playing.

The people and authorities here in Dublin have been very helpful and graceful and accommodating.

When life hand you Lemons, make Lemonade. I am finding the good in all the bad and meeting great people.


#Run4Rare #Ireland