15 miles

Another stormy day with a few good breaks of sunshine. Seems Storm Dennis has blown over.

A late start from Blarney about 11AM to lessen about 8LBS of extra electronics from my backpack. Impossible to run with any extra weight. A friend will bring to Dublin in month, which means I’ll be without my MacBook Pro.

I have enough memory cards and chargers to capture content and memory via 2 smartphones and l, if necessary, cloud storage.

I was tempted to bypass Blarney Castle and hit the road to beat daylight, but knowing Myles, my grandfather was from County Cork, I had to stop in. Amazing place. The stairs are narrow and steep and dangerous especially in New Balance running shoes.

I was accompanied by BEE from the Bumbleance Children’s National Ambulance Service. A campaign from the https://www.saoirsefoundation.com to bring positive life impacts to sick children of Ireland.

I am raising money to help fund their noble efforts. For Ireland, text STAR to 50300 to donate 2€ (2 Euro) for a liter of fuel to keep these ambulance up and running. They are making a profound difference. There are over 300,000 Irish affected by Rare Diseases. Everything helps.

Sunny skies while I was there. Upon exit, snow and lightning simultaneously arrived. 15 miles to Mallow. I rearranged my backpack to shield sensitive cameras and hit the road.

A “short” day about 5-6 hours later, I arrived after dark. Walking against traffic on the right side of the road has been a big learning curve.

Day 2 in the books. A long day tomorrow of at least 35 miles. Early start.

I’m feeling pretty good. Minimal injuries or pain. Just fatigued and pressing on. I choose no days off. Believe it or not, I am more prone to injury if I settle down for more than 24 hrs and jump back into the thick of it. Like a tight spring wound up, I must keep the tension.

Radio interview tomorrow with C103 Cork FM Greatest Hits at 1145AM