Cobh-Cork-Blarney – 20 Miles

It was a very windy and wet and challenging day! Winter Storm Dennis arrived from the Atlantic. Strong gusts and pelting rain added to the challenge of navigating the narrow roadways.

Bumbleance driver Dougie came to see me off and wish me well from the start at John F. Kennedy Memorial Park, as well as Joanne from the Titanic Museum.

14 Miles later I reached Coughlan’s Bar in Cork. Had to go see my namesake. Upon a chat over a pint with the locals, I was christened as a Corkman as a “Callin” as opposed to the soft GH Americanized pronunciation of “Cough”-lan (like Cough drop).

By sunset, I reached Blarney and finally took a hot shower and had a hot meal after being soaked all day in the rain. Day 1 in the books!

Tired and sore, but breathing fresh Atlantic air and having a great time overall.