I’m an American citizen abroad, and I’m trying to get to USA as soon as possible.

I’ve been in Ireland for over 5 weeks. I am dual citizen here also, but I don’t want to get stuck.

I am boots on the ground here in Ireland.

This is what I’m seeing.

Things develop by the hour and all I can do is assess and hope I can make it before the borders shut. If you can imagine the rumors and speculation and world developments hourly, it’s exhausting.

I’m still in Dublin. I moved my flight to Saturday 11 AM. 48 more hours and I’m USA bound. Appears the United Kingdom is fully locking down possibly this weekend, and Ireland after. Coronavirus cases are spiking in Europe. The new epicenter.




As standard, I must clear full U.S. customs and agriculture controls at the US Customs Preclearance in Dublin.

Once I arrive at Boston Logan, I have to switch to a domestic flight to Nashville eventually.

Somewhere, I’ll be screened or tested and told to self quarantine.

Realize I haven’t even been home in a over a month. I’m watching videos of people talk about being quarantined and off work and the new normal in their homes.

And when I finally do make it home to Nashville, I’ll have no job. Thousands of hospitality workers, bartenders, musicians, etc all layed off.

I funded the entire Run across Ireland. Flights, cameras, hotels, food, etc. As before on the previous 3 Runs across America, I took off work for weeks/months and didn’t make a wage. Voluntarily. It’s fine. For a good cause.

Whatever money was raised went to the Ireland charity here.

In Nashville, I still have no internet as the March 4th EF4 tornado severed the utility lines of my apartment. Power was just restored, 2 weeks later.

I have some savings, and will cross the next bridges when they come.

I’m not going to recognize the country I just left weeks ago. Speculation is starting that all USA domestic flights will be canceled shortly.

I don’t know what America is like right now. I can’t process this all fully.


Solano County and Vacaville where I’m from just received the Shelter in Place orders from the California government. My sisters and father and mother are there.



I’m in good spirits overall. The size and scope of what is happening worldwide is alarming. We all should be awake now that the paradigm has shifted and may never shift back.

Maybe soon this science fiction movie we are in will end. A brave new world. My family should know I’m safe. Update soon.