Day 9- 

“Let us go forth with fear and courage and rage to save the world.” – Grace Paley 

I am fired up. A few quotes to motivate y’all. It is a cool 39 degrees and I can feel the cold winter air rushing through my lungs and the burn in my legs. The Flag is flying high and people are honking and pulling over to say a few kind words. The American people are strong and kind. I am aiming for a 20+ mile day, maybe 30 as I forge through the snowy countryside into Maryland. 

I will be a beast today. Time to unleash. I will elevate RARE. I cannot be stopped.  I will be enjoy each moment no matter how painful as my body reaches a new plateau. I will not F.E.A.R. what lies ahead on the Road. I will Face Everything and Rise. #Run4Rare #Hope #Fear