Day 9 – Athlone to Drumod – 36 Miles

12 x 12 x 12 = 36

Mentally, I had to break the day into 3 runs.

Ideal weather conditions. Not too windy and brief rain. Everyone must have been watching the Six Nations Rugby Championship. Light traffic made my day much faster.

The first 12 was pretty normal. Good pace. I began to feel my right knee throb along with my left ankle dull pain. Not unusual on these Runs. Roads were narrow then sidewalk, then rural, then city again. All day with some rolling hills.

The next 12 was tougher. One of my toes began to hurt at the toenail as I increased pace. Solution = Duct Tape. I’ll probably lose the toenail in a few days. It happens.

The last 12 was rough. You have to will your body to maintain pace while carrying 25lbs of gear. I didn’t feel the soreness on my shoulders most of day until the end. You become a zombie limping toward your hotel trying to beat the sunset.

Made it. Exhausted. Good news is no more 30 plus milers. I only have to average 18 miles per day.

And for the 3rd time, I almost stepped on a dead fox carcass. The roadside is navigating a minefield at times. Water and food and sleep and I’ll recover.