Day 8- 
Special Note: First of all, thank you all for the kind words and support. I will soon start dedicating every day to a different RARE cause and child/adult, and I am in contact with many different people and organizations. I am seeing all the messages and emails. 
Had to get the Run4Rare underway and hit the Road and see what I’m working with. Plenty of big things ahead and the team behind the scenes is falling in place. The Winter weather will soon fade which is a huge morale boost. 
The first two Runs were amazing and unique- I am blessed. This is the final act of the USA Run trilogy- the Grand Finale, and I am gearing up for max impact to put RARE and keep RARE on the map. 30 Million Americans. 1/10th of the USA population. 1 out of 10 of us. Collectively, NOT rare. Alarming fact I don’t think people realize. Thats my mission- to educate and enlighten and empower. 
Every. Life. Matters. Period. 
Using this extra hour of Daylight Savings Time to my advantage- rest now- will try for a 25 mile day tomorrow which will soon become the new normal- my body is ready. Will have official R4R T-Shirt link soon. And soon will have the GPS map up so all can follow. Testing out different systems. Only so much battery power and time in the day to troubleshoot and still run. Pretty cool watching the sunset every night going West. 
P.S ( in full transparency) I can confirm this my last Run across AMERICA, ……but I never said the Run for Rare wouldn’t go international someday….let’s say Ireland or a smaller country. We shall see. One country, one continent at a time. Updates soon on