On May 31st, 2013, dedicated storms chasers and meteorologists Carl Young, Tim Samaras, and son Paul Samaras tragically lost their lives in El Reno, Oklahoma in the widest tornado ever recorded on Earth- 2.6 miles wide. 
On May 14th, 2015, Carl Young’s cousin Ezio Lucido honors the memory of Carl, Tim, Paul and all tornado victims with a tribute video In El Reno, OK. 
May 14, 2015, is also Day 76 of Noah Coughlan’s 3rd Run across America. Lucido is the Producer/Director of the “Run for Rare” documentary. After 76 days and 1,600 miles on foot from New York City, it is miraculous and fitting that Lucido and Coughlan would arrive at the very location of the tragedy on what would have been- out of all days- Carl’s 47th birthday. 
May the memory of these brave men- Carl, Tim, and Paul- never be forgotten. To learn more of the story visit National Geographic: