I received a phone call today from State of California Assemblyman- The Honorable Jim Frazier. Mr. Frazier called to wish me luck on my Run for Rare journey and extend warm wishes on behalf of his office and the rest of the California State Assembly. I am very thankful and encouraged to have the support of Assemblyman Frazier and the State of California. Jim is a genuine man driven to serve the people, and has a unique journey from family tragedy to public service to the State Capitol in Sacramento, CA. 


We have discussed the plight of the many Californians facing a rare or orphan disease as well as the special needs associated with such situations. Thank you Mr. Frazier for listening to my Run for Rare message. Thank you for your kind heart and support for those with special needs and rare diseases. I look forward to the Road ahead to help honor the many Californians and Americans with RARE. Together, we as a community, State, and Nation can make a solid effort to address these issues, keep the conversation going, and serve the most unique and rarest of our citizens. 

Thank you Assemblyman Frazier for all of the hard work you do for California- my home state!