Day 56- 

Starting very early tomorrow.

Day 57, will be a special day of the 2015 Run for Rare for me, a special family from my hometown of Vacaville, CA and community. 
I charge on and run 30 miles tomorrow to honor the memory and legacy of a true American hero- Jim Capoot, a United States Marine and Vallejo, CA Police Officer- Badge #497. Honor, Duty, Valor- Our Brave Brother. End of Watch- 11/17/2011. 
Gone, but not forgotten. Sadly, Jim gave his life serving his community in the Line of Duty in 2011. I spoke to Jim on a few occasions years ago. A great man, a great leader. And, tomorrow I will reach Jim’s birthplace and original hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas where Jim’s father Lowell served as a Little Rock Police Officer years ago. 
I will end my run tomorrow at the Little Rock Police Department in the afternoon where I will meet with officers. I will be wearing a special shirt and displaying a Flag. 
Take a moment next time you see a Police Officer or Sheriff in your community, and just tell them a simple Thank You for their service and sacrifice. I sure appreciate every police escort and safety check from law enforcement as I trek across America. Couldn’t do this without them. Police lives matter. A special mention for Jim in today’s KUIC radio interview. 
Day 57 for James Capoot. For America. #497 #Hero #ChargeOn #OohRah #JusticeForJim497 #WeSeeYou
“I am a warrior, 

I fight not for glory or fame, 

For they are momentary. 

I fight for those who can’t. 

I fight for justice, the oppressed and the down trodden.

And if I should lose my life for these just causes, 

Then I have no regrets, 

For I serve to protect the innocent. 

It matters not where or when, 

For evil knows no boundaries. 

Be it fire, flood or the threat of tyranny, I will not flee. 

Justice is my weapon. Faith my shield and Hope my armor. 

Cry not at my passing for it was my Honor to fight for you. 

Shed not tears of sorrow but tears of Joy, 

For now, I stand with God.”