13 miles

A short 13 mile day to Nenagh. Rain was a given this morning, but wind was low giving the best day yet.

I am layered up with plenty of UnderArmour and a sweatshirt and rain jacket, and the usual New Balance shoes.

The criss cross back and forth from side to side of the road is becoming a daily tradition. I’m studying the traffic even more because of the opposite driving lane as opposed to in America. One can never be too careful. Last thing I want is to be hit by a car or cause and accident.

I experimented with the Irish Flag in my backpack and collapsible flag pole. I am more comfortable on a wider road because the Flag will whip around my head if the wind picks up suddenly and blind me temporarily. Soon very soon, I will fly the 3′ by 5′ Tricolor – Green, White, and Orange Flag.

I am used to having a jogging stroller and 8 foot pole and 3′ by 5′ American flag up over my head a bit higher.

I made it to Nenagh in about 5 hours to another castle. Amazing country! I am blessed to see it all.

Going strong. Army of one out here. Trying to get more media aware and help drive some momentum toward Bumbleance Children’s National Ambulance service.

For Ireland, text STAR to 50300 to donate 2€ for a liter of fuel for their fleet of 13 ambulances dedicated to helping sick children across the Emerald Isle.


– Noah