From a fellow USA crosser. 
“It’s not a sprint, not a marathon, or an ultra, its a CONTINENT”
Am I nervous? At times, yes. Just trying to make it through this winter mess. Keeping my eyes on the road for traffic. Slow and steady. Pacing. Im not as fast at 31 with plenty of wear and tear as I was when I started in 2011 at 27 with zero miles. Body is still strong. Mind and emotions ready to do the job of elevating RARE. The risks are plenty, but the greatest risk is sitting by and doing nothing. Taking tomorrow off to finally get all systems back up and running. Body has kicked a nasty virus that almost sidelined me with a 103 fever night before Day 1. Never give up. Forge ahead when every cell tells you to stop. Things will get better. 
“Breathe. Nerves let you know that you’re alive. But…remember, it’s not a sprint, not a marathon, or an ultra. It’s a continent. So pace your mind the way you’ve decided to pace your bod. Slow and steady, my friend. It’s a long effin way to carry nerves. They’ll evaporate upon your first step. May the wind be at your back. May good fortune find you often.” -Benjamin Timoner