Day 4- Still going. I am about 45 miles down, 40 to go until Philadelphia area, pacing myself. 

s are always the toughest- my body realizes the trauma of the Road and takes about 10-14 days to re-callibrate. 
2015’s Week 1 is a triple-threat. 
1- The initial and normal shock of running/pushing the stroller/Flag. 
2- I picked up some awful chest/respiratory virus a few days before Day 1, had to go to urgent care the day before Start. I am good now, antibiotics have neutralized the virus. Back to normal. But, it added that much more strain physically. 
3- This is the biggest logistical challenge of running through sleet, ice, snow, scheduling RARE family meetups, scheduling news interviews, coordinating with the Luminous Pictures team for locations, etc. Planning out important future dates. Only day 4 so focus is getting through week 1 before the storms come in. 
Everything is starting to fall into a rhythm, working on getting the GPS and other systems back online. Has been hectic for a week now with no sleep, planning the grand start at Statue of Liberty, and moving forward. Will blog a bit more soon.  
All is good though! This comes with the territory of the Run. I embrace the challenge. 
I will cross into Pennsylvania later today into the Fairless Hills area. 
Noah Coughlan