Day 4- 14 Miles

It’s not everyday I get to see a 13th century Castle at the start of my route. 810 year old castle founded in 1210. A pretty amazing sight to see. I wonder if my forefathers fought or died there.

The rain and wind was on then off then on then off as is Ireland. I am adapting well. I started the hike to Killaloe. I’m fond of staying close to a body of water. Plenty of rivers and streams. There are usually frontage roads or hiking paths as opposed to inland. I am desperately trying to avoid the roadways. No shoulder. Slower but steady. I’ve done this before. Always very careful when cars and especially buses and large commercial trucks pass. I’m standing in the grass or mud. I have to time my sprint or walk to avoid a puddle or avoid getting splashed by a car driving into a puddle.

In the end of each day, there is no “bad” day in Ireland. I am still trying to reach media outlets and push the rare diseases cause. A pleasure to be here. Watching the budget and trying to get discounted hotel rooms.

Believe it or not, the pints were reserved for the celebratory start. My body doesn’t need any more inflammation or trauma. Staying focused. But tempted to always go for a Murphy’s or Guinness!

A fantastic little town called Killaloe on the River Shannon which separates County Clare from County Tipperary. Tomorrow, likely heavy rain all day, but 12 miles.