Day 3- Mallow to Limerick – 36 Miles

Another day of rain early.

An early 5AM start in Mallow. Always chasing sunset even before the sun rises. And just like that, the rain went away in the afternoon after I reached Charleville.

8:10 PM. I will be asleep the next 12 hours at least.

I finally reached Limerick. A fantastic city! Medieval Times.

-Welcome To The Suck-

“A situation that just sucks, and you need to embrace it. Meaning suck it up and deal with it.”

On very basic primal human level, it is difficult being in cold windy weather for 14 hours straight. The temp hovered around 44 F, but the wind chill made it 34 according to Weather Channel app.

Today was a trade off. 36 miles today for 13 tomorrow. 13 the following day. The most I ever ran in one 24 hour period was 58 miles in Nebraska in 2013.

Some trail paths tomorrow to get off the road.

Rain was on and off. Seems the weather has stabilized after Storm Dennis.

Im limited with data, and preserving battery on long days even with backup power banks. I elected to carry a backpack this 4th Run instead of jogging stroller and giant flagpole with Flag to account for the narrower roads.

The GoPro has been recording some of these “close” encounters. It looks worse on film with walking down a road with no shoulder and yielding to oncoming traffic. Extreme Pedestrian sport, but always weary of each passing vehicle. Not safe to pull a phone out.

Just walk and run mile after mile. If you stop, your core body temperature will fall. And if you don’t reach your destination by sunset, the temps will plummet and you’re inviting disaster.

I can’t sugarcoat the fact that every muscle in my body is sore. I’m extremely fatigued and I can see it on my face. But Week 1’s are always the worst.

My first run was 132 days. This 4th is 32. The schedule is compressed drastically. It may be a smaller country and only 600 miles, but I’m having to earn every inch. I’ve been humbled by Mother Nature.

The Irish Flag premieres shortly. In good spirits. Onward and upward. Reached the Irish people again via Cork 103 FM radio at 1145. Still making a strong push for rare diseases awareness and the BUMBLEance Children’s National Ambulance Service

(For Ireland) – Text STAR to 50300 for a 2 Euro donation to help give fuel to the fleet of ambulances for sick children.

More media and adventure on the horizon. Now I eat my seafood chowder and drink a ridiculous amount of water. Cheers.

#Run4Rare #Ireland