Day 27 of 32 – Ballinasloe to Ferbane – 18 Miles

I’ll address today’s run in the next post. There were high winds, some rain, and crossed back through Shannonbridge. I can no longer publicly avoid the issue of Coronavirus. It has affected the course of this 4th Run and daily life in the world. It will spread in Ireland and in America, doesn’t matter when I return. But, I will return to the USA as originally planned in 10 days. We are in a new era.

I am fine. Healthy and strong.


Speaking from Washington DC on Thursday Taoiseach (Ireland Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar said:

-Schools, colleges and childcare facilities to close.

-Cultural institutions to close.

-Indoor gatherings of more than 100 people should be cancelled.

-Outdoor gatherings of more than 500 people should be cancelled.

-Public transport will continue to operate.

-People should continue to go to work, but those who can work from home should do so.

-Shops, cafes and restaurants to stay open

-Measures begin at 6pm this evening and last until March 29th.

Day 27 of 32 – Ballinasloe to Ferbane – 18 Miles

These horses ain’t taking no more horse crap from the daily sheep.

525 Miles down, 75 to go

27 days down, 5 to go

#Run4Rare #Ireland #Horse #Horses

Day 27 of 32 – Ballinasloe to Ferbane – 18 Miles

And the bulls are over the bull crap from the sheep and horses.

#Run4Rare #Ireland

Day 27 of 32 – Ballinasloe to Ferbane – 18 Miles

I’m tired. Slept 2 hours last night. Realize I am 8 hours ahead of my family in California. Was able to video connect about 3AM Ireland time.

Aside from times of 40+ MPH gusts and wicked gray clouds and sideways rain, a great day. Disappointed I couldn’t use the drone. Would be floating in the Shannon River or in a tree or bog.

I crossed the intersection of my South-North/Cobh-Downings Leg 1 ….. with the West-East/Galway-Dublin Leg 3 around Shannonbridge.

525 Miles down, 75 to go

27 days down, 5 to go

Home stretch.

#Run4Rare #Ireland

Day 27 of 32 – Ballinasloe to Ferbane – 18 Miles

We are descendants of Kings in Ireland.

Noah- American (grandson- Irish by descent)

David- American (son- Irish by descent)

Myles- Irish (American – emigrant)

Michael – Irish

That’s all I personally know. Can’t trace farther. 4 generations. I met with an Ireland historian today. He shed some light and filled some gaps.

I was able to tell my 80 year disabled old father via video. I’m first in family tree branch in 115 years to return. He is living vicariously through me now:

Dave is already celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.


The great Gaelic family name of Coughlan emerged shortly after 1000 BC in Munster.

Specifically, the name is descended from Dealbha, brother of Blad, King of Munster (Southern Ireland).

The Clann became known as the Lords of Delvin. Dealbha was the first Lord of Delvin, and the Scion of the Coghlans.

They later branched into the County of Roscommon. The two major branches of the name were in Offaly and Cork. They were sometimes styled MacCoughlan particularly around the 11th and 12th Centuries.

In Cork, they occupied the territories known as the baronies or Carbery and Ballymore. They represented Banagher in the Irish Parliament.

The Coughlans were local and regional Kings of their respective territory and lands.

The last High King of Ireland, Rory O’Connor is buried in Temple Coghlan in Clonmacnoise.

The Clann are mentioned in numerous contexts of Irish history known as the “Annals of the Four Masters”.

In the Middle Ages, the Clann was headed by a Chief who was always styled as the Chief of Delvin (or Delvin the Great).

The Clann lost most of their extensive territories during the Anglo Norman invasion of Ireland by Strongbow in 1172, and lost even more during the Cromwellian invasion in 1641.

Notable among the family at this time was Coghlan of Munster.

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