Day 25 of 32 – Galway to Loughrea – 22 Miles

My day in photos.

Juggling a canceled St. Patrick’s Day parade.

A plan B. An incoming film crew.

A live TV interview in the morning followed by a call with a Senator in Ireland government.

Tomorrow should rain, but is manageable for about 17 miles on bum shin injury. No lack of work out here.

Here to honor the 300,000 Irish affected by Rare Diseases, the People, and the Flag of Ireland.

110 miles, 7 days to go

#Run4Rare #Ireland #Loughrea

Day 25 of 32 – Galway to Loughrea – 22 Miles

TOMORROW MARCH 11, 9:10 AM – I video call in live from the road via Skype to Ireland’s top morning TV show – Ireland AM in Dublin to check in on the 32 day, 600 mile Run across Ireland for BUMBLEance Children’s National Ambulance Service

25 days down, 7 to go.

489 miles down, 111 to go.

Battling a swollen right shin. Same injury happened in 2013. Will be ok. Ahead of the curve after heavy miles in first week. Only 17 mile per day average.

I’ll limp into Dublin, but I will make it.

Help me, help Bumbleance. Text STAR to 50300 for a 2€ donation.

Or visit

#Run4Rare #Ireland #Loughrea

Day 25 of 32 – Galway to Loughrea – 22 Miles

The wind was fierce on this one. Only 20-25 mins to max airtime. Happened on a park with many curious minds and dog walkers in #Loughrea #Ireland

Slow and steady improvement on the #MavicMini drone. Not too many wind or rain free days.

*sharper video on more compatible platform Instagram @noahontherun


Also a big Thanks to Jason Aldean’s Restaurant and Bar in Nashville TN! For the Support!