Day 21 – Sligo to Curry – 25 Miles

In a short post, I can’t possibly quantify 25 miles and 8 hours of what I’ve seen. This picture of this horse is in the top 5 of the thousands of photos I’ve taken. A calm and welcoming animal.

And just a 100 feet away the heroic story and monument and grave of Bartholomew Teeling is for a war movie ironically involving a battle horse.

“This location, in the Battle of Carrig Na Gcat in 1798, is where Irish and French armies were pinned down by a British cannon on top of this hill.”

“Captain Bartholomew Teeling, a native of Lisburn in County Antrim, rode his horse through enemy lines and shot the gunner dead. This brave and noble deed turned the tide of the battle and the British were routed.”

409 Miles down / 21 Days Down

191 Miles to Go / 11 to Go

2/3 done

#Run4Rare #Ireland #Sligo #Curry

Day 21 – Sligo to Curry – 25 Miles

Day 21 dedicated to 11 year old Damien Omler who has a #RareDisease known as CDG. But he is the ONLY known person in the world with THE specific mutation. Patient Zero.

Summary Congenital disorders of glycosylation (CDG) is an umbrella term for a rapidly expanding group of rare genetic, metabolic disorders due to defects in complex chemical process known as glycosylation. … CDG are usually apparent from infancy. Individual CDG are caused by a mutation to a specific gene.

7,000 known Rare Diseases

300,000 Irish affected

30 Million Americans affected

500 Million (approx.) globally affected

A few days ago, I called in live to the annual conference to over 200 families in coordination with Dr. Freeze on 2020 Rare Diseases Awareness Day on Feb. 29.

#Run4Rare #CureCDG #RareDiseases