Today, through Prince William County enroute to Fredericksburg and past Quantico U.S. Marine Corps Training Base, I run strong for Eme from Eme’s Army. I met the Eme at the U.S. Capitol two days ago, and she also met Congressman Garamendi from CA and Congressman Fincher from TN after the Press Conference with Congressional leaders on Rare Diseases. With the little sight which remains, Eme noticed the colors of the waving Flag and was fascinated. She gave me a candy sucker with Braille writing, and told me not to eat it until I crossed into Virginia. I kept my promise. Learn more and help Eme at:

EmesArmy fights the good fight to save Eme’s sight! Emerie, “Eme” (em-E), was born with a rare degenerative retinal disease called LCA (Lebers Congenital Amaurosis) that has already left her blind. She is only 7. She walks with a white cane and is learning Braille.

EmesArmy is fighting to save Eme’s sight by raising money to fund the development of a gene therapy treatment for Eme’s rare form of LCA. Eme’s form of LCA is caused by a rare genetic mutation in her CRB1 genes on chromosome 1.  LCA-CRB1 affects an estimated 300 people in the United States with her form of LCA. That’s smaller than the population of most schools!  It is an “ultra rare” disease that is also referred to as an “orphan disease”.