Day 20 of 32 – Bundoran to Sligo – 21 Miles

Grange -Drumcliff- Rathcormcack

Charging hard toward Galway. Plenty of scenery and sun. Incredible views from beaches to mountains to rivers in one day. W.B. Yeats Grave and Sligo Abbey on the final miles. Sligo impresses. A unique city on the Garvoge River.

“William Butler Yeats was an Irish poet and one of the foremost figures of 20th-century literature.”

A tan coming on. Inevitable being in the elements and sun daily for a month. Warming up a few degrees out here. Quite a bit of road construction today. Body feeling strong but sore also. Home stretch!

#Run4Rare #Ireland about 2/3 done.

*I was so tired, I fell asleep in the middle of writing the blog and emails last night. Up again for Day 21*

Day 20 of 32 – Bundoran to Sligo – 21 Miles

Day 20 dedicated to the Woods family in Ireland.

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#Run4Rare #HHTAwareness #CureHHT #HHT #Sligo #Ireland

* Day 20 of 32 – Bundoran to Sligo – 21 Miles

Aerial shots from the Mavic Mini Drone of the Benbulben and Dartry Mountains. “Yeats Country”

#Run4Rare #Benbulben #Sligo #Ireland

*Day 20 of 32 – Bundoran to Sligo – 21 Miles

“The Scorcher”

Irish Angus beef, shredded gem, jalapeño relish, pickled red onion, Monterey Jack cheese, sriracha mayo, and Flipside burger sauce on a Brioche bun.

Flipside “Serious Burgers” for the win. My first burger in Ireland. You’ll have to taste for yourself. Phenomenal. On the Garvoge River waterfront on Rockwood Parade.

I’ve been to over 20 Countries, and FlipSide stands out as a top notch restaurant. A highlight of my tastebuds and trip across Ireland.

A thanks to Paul and the crew for the experience. I’d stick around for another burger, but gotta run.

#Run4Rare #Ireland #Sligo