Day 18 of 32 – Ballybofey to Donegal – 17 Miles

This morning as I gearing up to leave the hotel, texts and reports arrived that a tornado hit Nashville. Throughout the day, I learned it hit the Germantown area where I live and have been training for this 4th Run.

According to news reports, an EF3 carved a 10 mile path of destruction for 1 hour. My nearby friend text me, “This tornado just ripped East Nashville to shreds.” My apartment was hit by the edge of the twister, but intact. Power is out to that portion of the city. Windows are blown out. Many injuries. At least 19 fatalities sadly across Tennessee. People are hurting and homeless.

Thoughts are with my friends and some family in Tennessee. Stay safe. The American Red Cross is asking for blood donations. First responders are still searching through the destruction.


Day 18 of 32 – Ballybofey to Donegal – 17 Miles

Day 18 is dedicated to 4 year old Ryker (almost 5). I love that name! Ryker lives in Tennessee, and today with the storm events across the State, it felt fitting to show Ryker some support as he battles this Rare Disease.

Lennox–Gastaut syndrome (LGS) is a complex, rare, and severe childhood-onset epilepsy. It is characterized by multiple and concurrent seizure types, cognitive dysfunction, and slow spike waves on electroencephalogram (EEG). Typically, it presents in children aged 3–5 years and can persist into adulthood.

Lennox-Gastaut syndrome affects an estimated 1 to 2 per million people. This condition accounts for less than 5 percent of all cases of childhood epilepsy.

#LGSAwareness #CureLGS #Run4Ryker #Run4Rare

Day 18 of 32 – Ballybofey to Donegal – 17 Miles

Silence of the Lambs. Occasionally I look up and see sheep staring at me. And I stare back. It’s possible I’ve talked to more animals today than humans.

Great day of weather. Wide shoulders! A small bout of stinging hail for less than 5 minutes. 18 Days down, 14 to Go. County Donegal doesn’t disappoint!

The BEE and I have made it to Donegal Castle and the River Eske. Glad to be helping BUMBLEance Children’s National Ambulance Service help sick children across Ireland. Text STAR to 50300 for a 2€ donation. Or visit

Amazing scenery. I see why people fall in love with the Emerald Isle.