Day 16 of 32 – Downings to Letterkenny – 19 Miles

Today was a first. In all 9,000 Miles of my previous 3 USA Runs, I have never repeated a town or crossed a previous path until today. Ireland is unique. To run a perfect “4” path, I knew I had to make a sharp U-turn hook in the north. Happy Downings/Letterkenny were the towns. Wonderful places! Great views. Mr. Blue Sky decided to show up today. Some cold wind, but I’ll take it.

#Run4Rare is halfway done. 16 of 32 days.

315 Miles down, 285 to go

Day 16 of 32 – Downings to Letterkenny – 19 Miles

For my next trick, I will eat this entire seafood platter.

*Update: Mission accomplished.

Steamed garlic mussels, grilled mackerel, salt and chili squid, salmon skewer, a cup of seafood chowder, and a side salad. And a pitcher of water with lemon, and 2 slices of fresh brown bread with local butter.

In fact, all the food has been locally sourced from natural ingredients and local produce. The taste comes through. High quality food here on the Emerald Isle. Thank God for the green, wind-swept, rain washed fields and generations of families dedicated to the farming and fishing industries. The high quality natural food is a benefit to the people of #Ireland.

For all the foodies out there, more photos of my Ireland meals. And yes, I consider a Guinness a meal.


Day 16 of 32 – Downings to Letterkenny – 19 Miles

As a “new” Irishman (Citizenship via Descent via my late grandfather Myles Coughlan), I am absorbing the culture and land of my forefathers. Much still to learn and uncover and see, but I have been able to research the Coughlan history back almost 900 years through various records and info.

A thank you to Carol at McCafferty’s Bar in Letterkenny and the patrons for a warm Sunday conversation over a pint of Rockshore Lager.

One doesn’t have to look far to see the Irish influence on the younger United States of America and U.S. Presidents with Irish heritage (23 of 45). As a dual citizen of both countries, I am proud to now represent both nations.

I shared the mission of #Run4Rare and a few customers text STAR to 50300 to help BUMBLEance Children’s National Ambulance Service help sick children across #Ireland.