Day 13- 
I am just miles from reaching the Nation’s Capital of Washington D.C. – I find it very fitting location for a special recognition of a special person. Within the next few hours Joe Allio will be sworn in as the new Chief of Police of Fairfield, California. No one is more deserving to lead the Fairfield Police Department. 
As a teenager, Joe was my youth pastor. A leader and mentor and man of Faith. Joe gave me the initial green light to do the first 2011 Run for his 2 daughters affected by a rare brain disease- Batten Disease. 
That’s how this all started. 
Hail to the Chief! 
Congratulations Chief Joe Allio.
See you in San Diego on July 4th. 
(This picture is right before I took the first step of the first Run- Joe was right there at the Start)