Day 12 – Swanlinbar, IE to Irvinestown, UK – 22 Miles

Today was a first. I started in one country, and ended in another. I’m now in Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom.

It is very true the island of Ireland sees all 4 seasons within a few hours. Weather changed constantly.

The roads were icy and snow falling this morning. 11 miles in, I reached Enniskillen and wanted some hot soup, I Google mapped a nearby restaurant. Lo and behold, an Irish Pub called Blakes of the Hollow nearby. In it…..a door from Game Of Thrones.

Ran 11 more miles to Irvinestown. Getting some good sleep tonight. Some days beat me up more than others. The cold temps made the roads a little slicker than I or the drivers like.

#Run4Rare #WinterIsComing #WinterIsHere #WinterGoAway #DoorOfThrones #Ireland

Day 12 – Swanlinbar, IE to Irvinestown, UK – 22 Miles

Day 12 is dedicated to 8 year old Jackson in the U.K. Hello Jackson! Being I am now in the United Kingdom, a proper tribute going into Rare Disease Week 2020. My first daily run as a non-citizen of the country I am running.

SYNGAP1-related intellectual disability is a neurological disorder characterized by moderate to severe intellectual disability that is evident in early childhood. The earliest features are typically delayed development of speech and motor skills, such as sitting, standing, and walking.

#Run4Rare #Ireland #Syngap1

The legendary Irish hospitality is not a myth. Some visitors to Ireland will typically be greeted by the words Céad míle fáilte; which means ‘a hundred thousand welcomes’ in Irish Gaelic.

Many of the hosts of B&B’s and hotels and others have made the first 1/3 of this Run across Ireland much easier to absorb after battling the Road day in and out.

A special thanks to the Gorteen House in Swanlinbar, Hamill’s B&B in Ballinamore, The Copper Still in Drumod, and the Titanic Museum in Cobh and more. The People of Ireland are what make this Ireland Run for Rare Diseases a success.

(Ireland only) Text STAR to 50300 for a 2€ (euro) donation to BUMBLEance Children’s National Ambulance Service to help sick children.