Day 12- 

Today March 11, 2015 is dedicated to Scott Pettengill from California who has a RARE disease called SCA2 (much like ALS). Scott is a United States Air Force veteran who served in the first Gulf War during Desert Storm. 
For the last 5 years, Scott has been under the care of world known Dr. Susan Perlman – one of the head doctors of Neurology at UCLA and specialist in Neuro-Genetics. 
He has been waiting for the FDA to give the approval so he can start stem-cell treatment (they have had 2-5 years reversal on the patients in Europe.)
Scott doesn’t let RARE beat him. This man rides 20-40 miles per day, 5 days a week and also flies the American Flag from his bike. Awesome. Inspiring. Thank you for your Service. Today is for you Scott.