Day 11 – Ballinamore to Swanlinbar – 11 Miles

A scheduled short day to call in live to Ireland AM morning TV show in Dublin.

A delay while the TV was on mute. An interesting way to watch your own live national TV interview while it is happening.

I’ll be checking in regularly with a grand finale of an in-studio live interview the day after St. Patrick’s Day to speak of the Run and and efforts for Bumbleance Children’s National Ambulance Service.

I’ll bring my snowboard next time. Final 2 miles brought a flurry. Let it snow. The lowest mileage day yet, but an adventure. I reach Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom tomorrow.

Run for Rare Ireland is 1/3 complete. A promising final 2/3 awaits especially with national TV Ireland AM and RTE national radio tracking the R4R efforts to help BUMBLEance Children’s National Ambulance Service.

A good day other than starting a 1/2 mile onto the wrong road then walking back. A warmup. Onward!

I am 2 miles from the United Kingdom and will cross into Northern Ireland tomorrow morning. As this has now truly become an International effort for Rare Diseases, a shout out to where this story began – Vacaville, CA.

Day 11 is dedicated to Craig Wallace, a proud U.S. Air Force Veteran in Vacaville, California battling Myositis.

Craig has been very supportive in cheering me on for years, and I always love to support my hometown and the U.S. Veterans.

Myositis is a rare muscle disease that affects between 50,000 and 75,000 individuals in the US.

#Run4Rare #Myositis #Vacaville