Day 10 – Drumod to Ballinamore – 15 Miles

I haven’t found the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow yet. I’m still getting lucky though with a live call-in interview tomorrow at 10:10 AM GMT (Ireland time) on Ireland’s top morning TV show Ireland AM.

Ireland AM will be tracking me across Ireland for a few more live call-ins, leading up to a live in-studio interview the morning after St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.

Inching closer to the border of Northern Ireland. A pretty and peaceful day. Many things are lining up for the last 2/3 of the Run, including International Rare Disease Day, national TV, and meeting with some families.

22 days remain. I’m down 5 lbs as anticipated. Probably shed 10 more.

Weather is maintaining right at the threshold of snowing at night. The hosts of the hotels and B&B’s have been very kind and also the Irish drivers on the road. Helps I am visible and stay out of their way.

The Atlantic air is crisp. The food is all grown or raised local and organic farm to fork. I recommend anyone to come visit #Ireland at least once in their lifetime. The Emerald Isle is a unique destination.