All packed up, still writing the blog about the Sunday sendoff. Passing into Nevada shortly. Brief recap of today.

Today, at the State Capitol, Papa Roach was honored by the Honorable Jim Frazier- CA State Assemblyman, on the Assembly floor for their charitable efforts over the last 15+ years. Proud to call them friends.

Leaving California encouraged by an immense amount of support from my community, city, county and State. Thank you first of all to Luminous Pictures’ Run for Rare Director Ezio Lucido for spearheading the project and fighting to tell the Rare story, and introducing Run for Rare Producer -Papa Roach’s frontman Jacoby Shaddix . It takes like minded allies to push our collective causes and charitable efforts forward. Thank you CA State Assemblyman Jim Frazier for your kindness to many Californians with special needs and your support for many causes including rare and orphan diseases. Thank you Jim for listening to our efforts to address these issues. Together, we can all do what we can to make a difference and a positive impact on this world.