Day 76- Dedicated to Carl Young, Tim and Paul Samaras

On May 31st, 2013, dedicated storms chasers and meteorologists Carl Young, Tim Samaras, and son Paul Samaras tragically lost their lives in El Reno, Oklahoma in the widest tornado ever recorded on Earth- 2.6 miles wide. 

On May 14th, 2015, Carl Young’s cousin Ezio Lucido honors the memory of Carl, Tim, Paul and all tornado victims […]

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Day 62- The American People and Rare Diseases- Arkansas

Day 62- 

This was never about running. It’s about the stories of everyday Americans battling Rare Diseases. A story about America and her great People. 
Having an amazing, unscripted morning. Nothing less than fascinating and a prime example of the kindness of the American People and how we can all work together to lift each other up […]

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Day 57- Little Rock- for Ofc. Jim Capoot #497 

Day 56- 

Starting very early tomorrow.

Day 57, will be a special day of the 2015 Run for Rare for me, a special family from my hometown of Vacaville, CA and community. 
I charge on and run 30 miles tomorrow to honor the memory and legacy of a true American hero- Jim Capoot, a United States Marine and […]

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Day 39- For Kayla- PCDH19 Epilepsy 

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Day 38- For 10 year old Riley in TN 

*Filmed yesterday in Knoxville just prior to accident. Easter Sunday and today Day 38 for Riley.Day 38-Today is dedicated to 10 year-old brave young girl named Riley from Tennessee. Riley is facing many challenges including a rare blood disorder Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia, the rare Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Lupus, MVP, hearing loss in left ear, Fibromyalgia, […]

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Day 38- In TN, OPEN ACT follow up. 

Day 38- Has been a pretty rough last week, getting back on track. Good progress, good spirits. Trekking along through TN toward Nashville slowly but surely. Just got off the phone with Florida Congressman Bilirakis’ office in DC, and the EveryLife  Foundation for Rare Diseases in CA. Following up on the Congressman’s OPEN Act. “Orphan Product Extensions Now”. Great […]

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Day 28- Seth Lane- SCID – #WearYellowForSeth

Day 28 – #WearYellowForSeth – http://www.ourlittlehero.wordpress.comDay 28 – #WearYellowForSeth – https://ourlittlehero.wordpress.com Today, I run for Seth Lane in England battling the very rare SCID- about 1 in a million. He was basically born with no immune system and has no way of fighting any form of infection. Yellow is Seth’s favorite color and he has asked everyone to wear yellow […]

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Day 27- Run for Rare Undiagnosed Network 

Day 27- Today, I run for R.U.N. = Rare  Undiagnosed Network and anyone who is battling a Rare unknown or undiagnosed disease or disorder. These patients and families are in a diagnostic odyssey awaiting a proper diagnosis for weeks, months, years, even decades. Even some of the doctors are baffled when they investigate. Every Life Matters. I […]

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Day 27- 100 Days Left 

Day 27- This all started as just an idea. The rarity and lack of awareness for two friends battling Batten Disease bothered me. No script, no blueprint, just a Leap of Faith x3. Just wanted to help. Much has been done with many other people contributing their own time and efforts for Batten Disease and Rare Disease […]

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Day 25- Press Release- California Man is Inspiring a Nation

http://www.prlog.org/12438944-california-man-is-inspiring-nation-on-his-epic-3rd-run-across-the-continental-united-states.html  Noah Coughlan’s joint Press Conference with Congressional Leaders in D.C.PRLog (Press Release) – March 24, 2015 – LYNCHBURG, Va. — In just twenty-five days, 31-year-old Noah Coughlan has traveled on foot through 5 States and the District of Columbia on his THIRD transcontinental Run across America. Coughlan is currently 400 miles into the 2015 Run for Rare, a 3,000 mile solo […]

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