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Farewell to Ireland, for now

For the first time, I can feel what my grandfather felt 115 years ago when he left Ireland.

A sense of finality and loss.

A mixture of sadness and uncertainty.

Yet, a hope for the future.

In a sense, a Parallel in History, repeating.

September 23, 1904 – Departed – Ireland

September 30, 1904 – Arrived – Boston

Myles Coughlan fled a […]

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March 19- trying to get to USA

I’m an American citizen abroad, and I’m trying to get to USA as soon as possible.

I’ve been in Ireland for over 5 weeks. I am dual citizen here also, but I don’t want to get stuck.

I am boots on the ground here in Ireland.

This is what I’m seeing.

Things develop by the hour and all I […]

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The Run for Rare Finish, The Calm Before the Storm

“This is a Patrick’s Day like no other. We cannot stop the virus, but we can push it back. We will always put your life and your health first. In the future, let them say: when things were at their worst, we were at our best.”

The Taoiseach – Leo Varadkar

#Dublin #Ireland #StPatricksDay #Run4Rare

Photo Credit : […]

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The Finish

Forgive the partial blogs. Hectic week.

I made it.

600 miles, 32 days through Storms, traffic, and a pandemic threatS

I’m proud of carrying the Flag of Ireland. A happy st Patrick’s day

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The final day – almost done

Day 32 of 32 – Dublin to Dublin

This will be the final time I will lace up my running shoes on this 10 year journey across America 3X and Ireland 1X. It finally hit me.

A few miles and few hours remain as Run For Rare reaches it’s inevitable conclusion. And what a journey it has […]

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Update – 2 miles left

So busy. I have 2 miles left. I am behind on blog posts. But I made it

Thank you all for support.

I am fine. Healthy. And strong. And in Dublin.

Much inquiry as to my status. I technically have 9 miles and 2 days remaining. The world events have impacted all of us including myself.

Ireland is in […]

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Day 27 – Ballinasloe to Ferbane

Day 27 of 32 – Ballinasloe to Ferbane – 18 Miles

I’ll address today’s run in the next post. There were high winds, some rain, and crossed back through Shannonbridge. I can no longer publicly avoid the issue of Coronavirus. It has affected the course of this 4th Run and daily life in the world. It […]

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Day 26 – Loughrea to Ballinasloe

Loughrea to Ballinasloe 18 miles

Day 26 of 32 – Loughrea to Ballinasloe – 18 Miles

The final week of a 10 year journey. Took a healthy nap. Spending majority of night plotting possible outcomes and coordinating with government and media.

The Coronavirus precautions have halted a 5 day celebration of events and parades in Dublin so an […]

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Day 25 – Galway to Loughrea

Day 25 of 32 – Galway to Loughrea – 22 Miles

My day in photos.

Juggling a canceled St. Patrick’s Day parade.

A plan B. An incoming film crew.

A live TV interview in the morning followed by a call with a Senator in Ireland government.

Tomorrow should rain, but is manageable for about 17 miles on bum shin injury. […]

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Day 24 – Tuam to Galway

Day 24 of 32 – Tuam to Galway – 19 Miles

One of my Irish ancestors must have been a sheep herder. They flocked to me every field today. Was getting ridiculous after a few hours.

I am soaked, but a successful early run to Galway.

#Run4Rare #Ireland #TheSheepWhisperer

Day 24 of 32 – Tuam to Galway – 19 […]

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