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Run For Rare

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Run For Rare is an ongoing movement charged by the multiple transcontinental runs of Noah Coughlan, a man inspired by two childhood friends battling a Rare brain disease (Batten Disease) to bring awareness and rally support for the global rare disease community.

Why Rare?

With over 7000 Rare Diseases known affecting 30 Million Americans and an estimated 500 Million people globally, it is important to recognize the social and economic impact of this critical health care issue present in today’s world.

In 2023, Noah returns for a 4th Run across America

Memorial Day to Veterans Day 

Pacific Ocean to Atlantic Ocean

Washington to Florida

167 Days / 3,500 Miles / 13 States 

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RARE is a feature length documentary chronicling the 4 transcontinental runs of Noah Coughlan in his effort to raise awareness for Rare Diseases and give those facing Rare challenges a much needed voice.

The documentary has been in production since the end of Noah’s second run in 2013.  The team has since conducted over 60 interviews of families, lawmakers, scientists, and researchers in the Rare Disease community.

The documentary will continue through the momentum of Noah’s 2020 Run across Ireland, and into his final 2023 run across America to inspire progress for Rare.

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